Initial Naturopathic consultation - 60 - 90 minutes

An individualized comprehensive health check and case history. The goal of the consultation is to meet the patient's needs by gathering as much information as possible to implement a treatment plan. This may include clinical examinations, Naturopathic diagnostic techniques and Functional Pathology testing.


Return Naturopathic Consultation
30 - 45 mins

A follow up to an initial consultation where functional pathology test results may be discussed and progress of a current treatment plan can be monitored.


Initial plus 2 return consults
60 - 90mins + 30mins + 30mins

Highly recommended 3 consultation package. Ideally suited to treatment plans which are designed for a minimum of 3 months treatment and follow up health checks. This package can be arranged when paying for an initial consult. 


Wellness Assessment
15 mins

A brief health check that may include clinical and Naturopathic diagnostic techniques as well as a Wellness assessment. This consultation is an opportunity for both you and me to see if we are well suited to work as a team, to achieve your health goals.


Health fund rebates are available for all consultations. Check with your health fund provider. 

All pathology testing and supplementation will incur further costs. 

All clientele will be entitled to a 10% discount at Evelyn Faye Nutrition for all health store products. This includes prescribed herb mixes and practitioner products such as Metagenics, MediHerb, Bioceuticals, Orthoplex, Pure Innovations, Thorne Research and many others.