Initial Naturopathic consultation  60 - 90 minutes

An individualized comprehensive health check and case history. The goal of the consultation is to meet the patient's needs by gathering as much information as possible to implement a treatment plan. This may include clinical examinations, Naturopathic diagnostic techniques and requests for Functional Pathology testing.


Initial Child Naturopathic consultation  30 minutes

Similar to an adult Initial consultation only for children - 12 yrs and under.


Return Naturopathic Consultation
30 - 45 mins

A follow up to an initial consultation where test results may be discussed and progress can be monitored. Also for existing patients who have their case history already recorded. If consultations are longer than the allocated 45 mins an extra $30 fee will be charged.

$95 Adult, $75 CHild

Acute or check in consult
15 - 20 mins

This is a quick consult for acute cases or existing clients that are on track with their treatment plan and just need to check in & top up with supplements. If you need an immune mix for a cold or flu, something to help you through a stressful week, then this consult is for you. 

$75 Adult, $55 Child

Introductory Wellness Assessment
15 mins

A brief discussion about your health that may include clinical and Naturopathic diagnostic techniques as well as a Wellness assessment. This consultation is an opportunity for both you and me to see if we are well suited to work as a team, to achieve your health goals.


All consultations can be held in person (preferred), or by phone or Skype. These options will be made available to you on the booking page. All instructions and client registration details will be emailed to you after you have made your booking. Please take note of our cancellation policies. Cancellations are costly and have negaive ramifications not only to the business, but to the existing clientelle too. Please be mindful and considerate when placing a booking.

For more information about the clinic and consultation process please click HERE.

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Payment can be made by EFTPOS, Visa and Mastercard. AMEX cards are accepted too.

All pathology testing and supplementation will incur further costs.